Greetings! I'm Joshwin, a Freelance Product & Web Designer / Developer. As a Product Designer, I use user-centered design methods and, more recently, story to craft the right design.

Here’s an example of what I mean when I say story...

ZotEvents (Coming Soon)

UX & UI Design Practice

When I say story, I'm referring to the concept that is described in the following book: The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products that People Love. With this project, I am using “story” to refine and expand the design of a mobile app concept that I originally spoke about when I gave an Android Design talk in 2014.

Design Work

Fresno Transit Free

For-Profit Venture

Fresno Transit Free is a mobile bus schedule for Android and iOS that improves the experience of Fresno Area Express bus riders. This project is what got me into user experience and user interface design. 

Stay on Track

Class Project

This was my first experience using a user-centered design process. I was tasked with designing a solution within the area of productivity and efficiency.

Traffic Signal Simulator

Class Project

This was the second design project for my Software Design I class at UC Irvine. With the use of various software design methods, we were tasked with designing a traffic flow simulation program.

ScholarDev LLC - Website Design

Business Endeavor

This was my first foray into designing a professional website. While I was a member of ScholarDev LLC, I would lead efforts to design our business’ website. (via

UI Design Challenge

For this challenge, I was tasked with designing two screens for a fictional iOS app that could trigger lucid dreams.

Fresno Transit Free

Related Work

This entry includes the most notable branding and marketing materials that I created for this project.

ScholarDev LLC

Related Work

This entry includes the most notable business-specific branding and marketing materials that I created while being a member of ScholarDev LLC.

Illustrator Final Project

Class Project

This was the final project of my Adobe Illustrator community college class. We were tasked with designing the look of the items that encompass a physical CD album. Since I was a fan of it at the time, I decided to design the album for Super Hexagon, which is an arcade game that has been released on various platforms.

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